Custom Commissions - This area will need some explanation, in that i do and have done many unique and creative things for so many different purposes and design situations and have pursued this in a number of creative ways. Sometimes its a portrait done as art, where the desired subject may be a child or entire family or even peoples cherished possessions. I take whatever is given me and i will build art from that. I have mentioned before that most subject matter is irrelevant to me, in that i have no predisposition to one over another. I am not indifferent, i just see all things as elements for creative expression, so i exploit that. I love the creative challenge, and can make art out of anything. That sounds arrogant, and i apologize. Its just what i have been doing for over fifty years now. I have done it through so many different fields of creative disciplines and visual problem solving, that i feel rather invincible at this point . Ultimately the credit lies with my creator as i came out of the womb with these gifts.