The Creative Process  - Almost everything we do now a days is designed and custom made for the person who will own it. When reviewing the art please see the " ART IN ROOMS " section for each subject you are looking at. This will help tremendously with making good design decisions in advance of ordering.  We work closely with you or your designer to augment and meld with the design you have in your home or office.  If you need our assistance with  helping to pick the right colors or sizing we would be happy to help.

What Does it cost for our design services -  Creative design time rate is @ $100.00 per hr. This is refunded back to the client through a prorated  system based on 10% percent of a purchase. Example: 1 hr to Digitally create, crop, shift color, and install one creative work into a customer's environment based on their supplied high quality  digital photo.

Can we Create a custom designed work of art for you -  We do this all the time. Sometimes people want to use their own family or a particular scenic location that has meaning for them.  Sometimes we can create an image that uses your children for instance and examples of this are in the custom and nostalgic art section.

Can you create an original artwork  based on our special photographs - This is something that i do

Size limitations - There are basically no limits to size. The only issue will be the production of very large pieces which require out of house fabrication and installation. There is a price structure for out of house work, and all costs will be in writing prior to beginning the work.



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