Williams Vision

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Williams Vision


A special project that  celebrates one of the premier boat building geniuses of Muskoka. William Ditchburn designed this lighthouse that has resided in the North Roseau harbour since 19??? and was going  to be torn down and replaced with a common warning buoy . The North Roseau lake Association stepped in to raise funds to make sure it would be restored and maintained as the historical landmark it is. 


The ditchburn in the forground is the famous " Lady Jane " owned by ???

With my love of Ditchburns and his other creations i decided to devote that summer to helping them by creating and donating prints of this image and selling it in my gallery.

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This is a 24" by 40" fine art giclee, Printed  on acid free paper 

limited to 200 copies

Shipped to most countries in a tube for safe and economical shipping rates.

Can also be picked up at the gallery if a framed version is required.